About Poland

Poland is a European country in Central Europe. It has a temperate seasonal climate and is divided into 16 administrative provinces, covering a total area of 312,696 square kilometers (120,733 square miles). Poland is the European Union’s fifth most populous member state, with a population of nearly 38.5 million people. Warsaw is Poland’s capital and largest city.

Why You Should Study In Poland?

Affordable Living and Studying Expenses

Living and research expenses are also competitive.
In comparison to other EU countries, Poland’s tuition fees are extremely low, and living expenses are a fraction of what a foreign student would pay in other European cities.

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High Quality Education

The higher education system in Poland is well developed. The quality of the education offered is closely monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. The Polish Accreditation Committee, the General Council of Higher Education, and the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland are the major Polish institutions in charge of quality assurance of higher education.

Part Time Work Opportunity

poland allow students to work part time. students can finance their study and study by working part time in different sectors. as an exmaple, UBER, McDonald Burger waiter and Much more


it's a perfect place to study and life.